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Laughing Alpaca Campground

Laughing Alpaca is a  full-service campground located in southwestern Oregon, offering visitors the best of the Pacific Northwest, from ziplining and cave exploration to winetasting and boating trips. 




Laughing Alpaca Campground


Web Design / Bookings

Sign Design​



In order to best demonstrate all the Laughing Alpaca Campground has to offer, we incorporated numerous high-quality images depicting all the activities available to visitors. Following the adage, “show, don’t tell,” our reliance on images invites visitors to be transported to any of the activities listed on the site, from zipping through dense tree lines and wading through subterranean caves, to sipping on local wines and cruising down the rogue river on a jet boat.

We strived to make the Laughing Alpaca website as valuable to the owners as possible by implementing an integrated booking system to improve customer experience and help boost bookings. Our team captured and edited top-quality photos to better showcase all the campground has to offer, and of course, optimized the site, so it looks great on all formats, from wide-screen desktops to slim smartphones.

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We worked with Laughing Alpaca owners to better understand their brand to ensure we produced a website that worked for them and highlighted all the most important aspects of their beautiful campground .

A  successful web presence starts with quality content; our team went on-site to capture all the activities available to visitors in stunning, top-of-the-line quality. We spent time with the camp staff to not only capture the beauty of the area but attempt to encapsulate the adventurous, carefree ethos of the campground.

Our team is well versed in every step of content production, from taking aesthetic photos and recording cinematic-quality videos to expertly editing and most importantly, enmeshing the content into your brand. We’ll highlight the most crucial aspects of your business and beautifully put them on display for potential customers.

We removed as many barriers of entry as possible with our digital optimization. Regardless of how users access the website, the pages look organized and aesthetically pleasing, with no disproportionate text or images to confuse or irritate the viewer. 


Potential customers access the Laughing alpaca campground website through various platforms, from their home desktops to their cell phones and all the tablets and laptops in between; we prepared the website for every situation. Our digital optimization ensures the page clearly depicts the variety of offerings available at Laughing Alpaca without overwhelming visitors.



We created a custom graphic for their map that concisely displays all pertinent information for guests, while proudly representing their brand. We worked with the campground’s logo to create a complementary map that clearly lists off campsite location, accommodations and wifi/bathroom access codes. 

We designed a multitude of custom images for Alpaca, including an intuitive map to be disseminated among visitors or easily accessed via the website, and branded signage which the campground posted across their property to guide guests with personalized signs. Having personalized signage keeps your brand at top of mind and strengthens the association between your brand and the guests’ enjoyment. 

We’ll work with you to incorporate your brand into your own personalized graphics, or help you build a logo from the ground-up, whatever is necessary! We’ve worked for years creating logos for brands of every industry and will create an aesthetically pleasing, unique logo and personalized graphics, with the industry specific recommended color palette.*

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